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A lot of people asked for the process on foam robotics, so here ya go. Click through for captions.

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1. Brown 2. Green. 3. 13. 4. Dont have one. 5. Ariana G. 6. Owl city 7. Yes. 8 Single (I'm too young to date). 9. Right now.."The Call" (Regina S.) 10. Where I am now :) 11. To be a vet.

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"False?" I question. "Stupid thing doesn't work yet." "Ask it another question," my friend pipes up. I turn. "When did you get here?" "Just then. But try it!" I turn back and ask another question. "I am female." "True," it answers. I nod. That one was right. "My name is...Sandra," I say. "False." "My name is Annie." "True." "Everything else works!" I say. "What is wrong with you?" "Maybe you're not human," my friend suggests. "Impossible. What else would I be?" KL

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That's exactly what I thought he would do when I got to this part
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My friend asked me for advice on how to build a cheap time machine as a prop. I am going to show her this picture

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Can you provide me with something to block WiSee? Hello! I've recently stumbled upon an article about WiSee project and I would like to ask if your Wi-Fi jammers are able to block it? I suppose that WiSee may be rather dangerous and I'd like to have something against that!

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