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from Rochelle Barlow

31 Days to Learn ASL

You've been dying to learn ASL forever! Now you can! You'll learn not only vocabulary, but also grammar and all the skills the go along with ASL. For FREE! Pin so you can have easy access to all 31 lessons


#Translation and #interpretation are closely related linguistic professions. Yet few people do both on a professional level because both fields require a unique skill set. Translation is the transference of meaning between written languages while interpretation is the transference of meaning between spoken languages. Below is an easy-to-understand explanation of these related but different disciplines.


That's what I always believed. If you want to interpret for me, that's fine, but don't feel like you are obliged to. I know I live in a hearing world. It's a fact. If I'm with you, and you feel guilty that I have no interpreter, don't. I have managed without interpreters for a long time so it's not a problem. Sure I'll miss stuff, but so what? It's not the end of the world.