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Aspect ratio, cropping and how it affects your photos. Ever have an image that is oh so perfectly framed – you go to place an order for an 8×10 of said beautiful print and then find out that you will lose an arm or leg with that chosen size of print? How did this happen? It’s all about aspect ratio. What is aspect ratio, you ask?

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01. Cropping, Resizing, Aspect Ratio & Resolution: The Ultimate Guide

Need to know how large you can print your photo? Or how to save a high resolution file? Or why you have to crop your image if you want to print a 4x6 as an 8x10? The answers are all here!


Tutorial on aspect ratio and cropping for photographers. - Please do not use my image elsewhere or pin without link - thanks!!


I shouldn’t use the word dummy, aspect ratio is complicated, but when it finally clicks you’ll be like, “ohhhh, I get it now”! One of the big challenges of digital imaging is aspect ratio & cropping for print. Not only are there thousands of ways to take a photo, but all hardware is not created …

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Confused by Aspect Ratio?

Have you been confused by encountering the term “aspect ratio” when looking at chainmaille weaves, or discussions of jump rings?  I have too!  Aspect ratio is a simple concept that can …