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httydbooks-doodler: “ shrimposaurus: “ Did I ever tell you how much I love astro boy though ” Robots go along with birds so well and I don’t know why ”


Safebooru - Anime picture search engine! - 1boy android atom (tetsuwan atom) pluto (manga) rocket boots rocket shoes rod4817 solo tetsuwan atom torn clothes torn shirt zoom layer | 1406754


dustinweaver: huliia: danishexmachina: ca-tsuka: 15 000 followers here, thanks :-)A drawing that I love : Astroboy by Yoh Yoshinari (Little Witch Academia) Most likely based on this particular panel: the Pluto arc is probably the most well known of the Astro Boy comics bc Urusawa did that amazing adaptation of it but I remember this arc being a lot more long and epic!! Astro runs out of power while rushing to get home and then he wakes up like hundreds of years later and meets a ...