Are you going INSANE cause you don't have a costume yet for Halloween? Worry no more, because this video tutorial from Thread Banger, Rob shows us a crazy tutorial on how to make your very own straitjacket. This straitjacket is good for not only Halloween, but for your lowly produced independent film that you're committed to making... committed, get it? Okay, not funny, but neither will this strait-jacket be after you make it. Just think, the asylum in your movie or Halloween haunt won't be…

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Me! Tasha K, as a Child Escaped from an Asylum ;) Halloween 2010 - Get your Halloween photos retouched with Tasha K Photography & pasted onto a matching background!! Only 10€, $12.00 - #halloween #scary #costume #asylum

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How to make realistic padded walls for your Halloween party; my tutorial, materials, tips, work in progress pics, etc.

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Party favors - Medicine vials filled with M&Ms and custom made pharmacy stickers for a Batman - Arkham Asylum party.

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