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All Terrain Armored Transport

Very little can compare to the rather unique and surprising scene where the Empire reveals it's barrage of AT-ATs on Hoth. Though the onslaught was slow, it was methodical and destruction was imminent. On the human side of things, these vehicles took part in scenes that showed the emphasis on the Imperial chain of command and the methods used to scatter the rebel forces.


The elephantine four-legged walkers used to attack a snowy Rebel Alliance base in the film "The Empire Strikes Back" were officially known as AT-AT walkers, for "All Terrain Armored Transport."

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1979 AT-AT Imperial Walker motion test from The Empire Strikes... (Raiders of the Lost Tumblr)

1979 AT-AT Imperial Walker motion test from The Empire Strikes...

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Star Wars Lawn Ornament

One AT-AT fell during the Battle of Hoth. This is a lawn ornament of that AT-AT. Is it a memorial piece or celebratory statue? Depends on which side of the war you were on!

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Community Post: 22 Animated Neon Posters From Classic Movies


If all the AT-AT walkers were actually giant ponies, the Empire Strikes Back would've been way more terrifying.

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Paul Walker dead at 40 after fiery crash

A sheriff's deputy at the scene of a crash in Valencia, Calif., where Paul Walker and another person were killed when a Porsche crashed Saturday.

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