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What did democracy really mean in Athens? While we might consider elections to be the cornerstone of democracy, the Athenians who coined the term actually employed a lottery system to choose most of their politicians. Melissa Schwartzberg describes the ins and outs of the Athenian democracy, and addresses some ways in which a lottery system might benefit us today. View full lesson:

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Direct Democracy vs. Representative Democracy

This worksheet was created to go along with Georgia's 3rd Grade Greece Unit. I have searched for a few years and have never found any worksheets to go along with the discussion of Ancient Greece Direct Democracy and USA's Representative Democracy.SS3H1c.NOTE: Thumbnail image of the worksheet shows words on the right side of the clipart.

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Democracy: A Greek Myth

Democracy: a Greek myth


Third Grade Thinkers: Using Thinking Maps to Compare/Contrast. I like the idea of the paper circles vs. the map on paper. Could be great for a group map.