Did you know that 1 in 3 people with CP can't walk and 1 in 4 people with CP can't talk? We all know that CP is a complex disability but this handy 'What is #cerebralpalsy?' infographic for #worldcpday will help to explain it. You can download a copy at http://worldcpday.org/assets/Uploads/about/WorldCPDayCP-Infographic.pdf

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helps people understand what types of cerebral palsy there is an what it does to the body

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Elina Hughes has athetoid cerebral palsy which makes it almost impossible for her to hold a book or pencil, yet this disability doesn’t stop her from pursing her dreams, acquiring knowledge, attend…

7-year-old with athetoid cerebral palsy lands modeling gig- love her sweet smile Holly in pink

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Cerebral Palsy Infographic: There are three common forms of cerebral palsy: spastic, ataxic and athetoid. If you feel your health care provider acted with negligence, contact Sokolove Law at 800-568-7314, or for more information visit: http://awe.sm/h11lv.

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Messiah College student with athetoid cerebral palsy overcomes challenges to find success | Penn Live

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CEREBRAL PALSY-- INDICATORS, SOURCES, KINDS AND TREATMENTS #Spastic_Cerebral_Palsy #Cerebral_Palsy #Athetoid_Cerebral_Palsy #Ataxic_Cerebral_Palsy._Treatments_for_Cerebral_Palsy

Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

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Many have problems that require on going therapy and devices such as braces or a wheelchair which leads to them not being able to do things others children can do so they end up not interacting. Other areas of development which will suffer are - difficulty feeding/sucking, poor hearing and eyesight, bladder and bowl movement control. (3.3 - Amena, Stella and Sam)

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A little girl with athetoid cerebral palsy has a smile that's too big to be ignored. And now, her heartwarming grin is being featured in an online fashion catalogue in England.

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