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The process of noticing and recording children’s learning is an essential practice of effective early childhood educators. Noticing meaningful learning encounters and then collecting this information in a number of ways enables us as educators to fulfil the promise we make to children and their families—that ‘we will extend and enrich children’s learning’. Being attuned to children means that we will be alert to their learning and record it.

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This Light-Filled Industrial Renovation Plays Host to Live Music

Portland renovated warehouse central atrium hammock. - having dirt and living plants in my house would be wonderful. I think I'd include a walkway, though. Miracle grow and nutrients would be a necessity

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The 10 Most Romantic Homes in the World

the conservatory of the mark twain house of hartford connecticut perfectly done. he says some amazing things about home"to us, our house had a heart, and a soul, and eyes to see us was of us" and "this house was a home - and the word never ahd so much meaning before."


Pothos is a draping houseplant. It can be marbled white/green, yellow/green, jade, or neon green. The stems are pretty as cut foliage in a wine glass, potted or suspended. Pothos need very little care: just weekly watering and bright to very low light. - does this mean this is a plant I might not kill?


Ceiling entirely made of sky lights. This would be an awesome addition to a home! -per prev.pinner.

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Random Light

The Random Light (2002) by Bertjan Pot began as a modernist craft project of sorts. After making attempts at knitting fiberglass as a means of creating structure, Pot turned to coiling epoxy-dipped fiberglass around a large balloon in varying patterns. Once the balloon was popped, the dramatic globe shape remained, becoming a buoyant pendant lamp.

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Kibble Palace

Kibble Palace at Glasgow Botanical Gardens. This Kibble Crystal Art Palace was dismantled and moved from Coulport on the shores of Loch Long by barge to Glasgow where it was reconstructed in the Botanical Gardens. It opened in 1873 and its interior was lit by 600 gas lamps which could be coloured for effect.