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Attack on Titan. I read SO many good reviews on this anime and it's pretty new 2013, just released on NetFlix Jan 10th. I watched the first episode last night and felt a bone chill up my spine.I can tell. It's definitely going to get really good. Therefore it is a worthy watch!


Attack on Titan ~~ The crests of the military branches minus the training academy. :: BTW, did you notice all FOUR were on the walls in episode 14 at the tribunal? Very cool.


Attack on Titan could end the final episode with the surviving cast gazing at the ocean. They will have finally made it. >>> 5 bucks that Armin'll be dead. And Erin will stand there, holding that book and (trying not to but still) crying.


And THAT'S what I love about Attack on Titan. For all its fiction, it showcases a sense of realism and cruelty in the world that American society refuses to accept. Yet... Yet it's able to make you fall in love over and over. It's able to make you feel harder than anything else. It displays the cruelty, but it equally displays the beauty.