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Attacker she's

"Ow! Oh, my God! Just drive!" - Mary, about to give birth #Sherlock ((Bahahah poor Sherl!))

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backtodc: “ Chapter 622 I wonder about Ai’s BO-panic attack cutting off like this. She’s previously had her panic attacks in response to Akai, who evidently has the BO aura as a result of his long association with them, so she’s probably having her...

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Looks like she's tryin to get him to take some meds...dunno why, but he's not too happy about it that's for sure.

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a Lion Attacked a Zebra for food but the Zebra didn't let the lion to eat it so she attacked and ran away.

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Ymir/Dancing Titan I am PSYCHED to see her in Titan form in the anime. She is gonna be terrifying and amazing!

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