This time of year these are great reminders for helping out with classroom management and those students that are feeling the stress of the end of the year.

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Do you have a student that takes all of your attention away from others? Try these 10 easy ways to shower them with positive attention, without increasing your workload. #2 was a life saver for me last year!

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Advice from Real Teachers: What to Do About ... Students Who Seek Attention - This is the 2nd blog post in a new series that features responses from the fans of the Teaching Resources Facebook page. Take a look!

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When we talk about replacement behaviors and functional communication training (FCT), the three most common applications are teaching attention seeking, teaching escape behaviors, and teaching requesting items and actions (for the tangible function). Today I want to talk about how to teach an individual to use an appropriate communicative way to gain attention from others. …

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Clark the Shark: rowdy, boisterous shark finds a way to tone it down

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Some strategies for attention-seeking behaviors: 1. Increase positive attention. 2. Ignore inappropriate behavior used to obtain something that was denied. 3. Teach how to ask in a more appropriate way. 4. Set aside special time with each parent. 5. Avoid triggers for the behavior.

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Attention Seeking Behavior: How to Gently, But Effectively, Stop it #parentingtips #parenting

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