A few days following the bombing of Dutch Harbor, June 6th 1942, the Japanese landed troops in the Aleutian Island chain, capturing Attu and Kiska. On Attu (above) the landing was unopposed, although one civilian was killed and 46 civilian inhabitants captured and eventually evacuated to Japan. Kiska was likewise unopposed, although two members of a military weather station were killed with the other eight captured. History! by Zhukov - The Military History Emporium

Attu Island, Aleutians, Alaska. It's like this every Spring. Probably my favorite assignment while in USCG.

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Valor in the Pacific encompasses nine sites in three states associated with World War II: The Attack on Pearl Harbor, including the USS Arizona (shown), Utah, and Oklahoma memorials in Hawaii; the Aleutian Islands Campaign on Attu Island, Kiska Island, and Atka Island in Alaska; and the Japanese American internment at Tule Lake War Relocation Center in California.

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