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Sweet potato and chickpea curry

Sweet potato and chickpea curry - Added curry powder, red pepper slices and substituted pumpkin curry for the tomato paste. (Try coconut milk next time)


Atul Kochhar’s super-speedy masala omelette

Want to know how to cook a curry like a pro? Twice Michelin-starred chef, Atul Kochhar, shares the basic principals of Indian cooking


This fish curry recipe is inspired by the book Fish, Indian Style by the chef at Benares in London, Atul Kochhar.


Duck curry (Bangladesh) recipe from Atul's Curries of the World by Atul Kochhar- This duck curry has a really good depth of spices. For a more modern presentation, you can choose to fry the duck pieces separate from the sauce, and serve on top of the sauce..... | Cooked


Spicy chicken lahori curry