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"I know that my way of coping with it is doing exactly what I’m doing right now (making music). It’s another way of mourning. I thank God that I found another way to mourn and put it in my music... I know my mama struggles with it every day. No mom is supposed to bury her son." - August Alsina on his brother's tragic death. Read Aug's Full Cover Story in DOPE Magazine's "NOW" Issue. Available Worldwide 9.24


Awww look at mama Sheila and August! He love his mama doe no lie even everything he went through with her he will always have love for his mama and thanks how it should be all the time! Aww auggie! Lol


august alsina mom, Sheila awwwwwwwwww i love how much he loves and cares about his mama. their relationship is far from perfect but they love eachother unconditional!!!! awwwww they cute.