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it's an Aussie news channel tho<<< it says TORONTO 《 The location of the ducks was in Toronto, the chanel could be an Aussie chanel.<<< on behalf of all Canadian citizens ( including the moose ) i apologize for the inconvenience Australia

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Breathtaking Photos of Rare Australian Bat Will Inspire You to Protect This Species

Tal’ngai Dha'run, resident of the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre

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Confused how to tell what news is real? Indiana University East campus library has a great guide.

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pinterest || ☽ @kellylovesosa ☾THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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Common Australian Idioms Explained With Funny Illustrations -

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall smile in first appearance since miscarriage

Zara Phillips with husband Mike Tindall at the Pacific Fair Magic Millions Polo in Queensland, Australia.

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Sea Sparkles are lighting up the River Derwent in Tasmania. The phytoplankton glow blue and put on a show for photographers. Image: Matt Holz.

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Welcome to Adore's blog. Be inspired and keep up to date with the latest interior news.

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Resource B. Topic: "Our Shared History" Outcomes Addressed: HT2-2, HT2-4. This Behind The News Video looks at why convicts came to Australia, what happened with the arrival of the First Fleet, and how British colonisation affected the lives of many Indigenous people. It enables students to see from the perspective of an English convict who is first arriving in Australia.

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