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20 Totally 'Aussie' Australia Day Recipes

The VERY BEST AUSTRALIA DAY RECIPES!!!! 20 totally delicious recipes that will blow your mind! #Australia #Day #Australian #recipes

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23 Australian Foods That Americans Will Never Get To Enjoy

Vanilla Slice Another snack you can find in any decent Aussie bakery, Vanilla Slices are light and creamy enough to justify having two. They’re done best with super-flaky pastry, but honestly, it works well no matter what.

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Australian rissoles are meat patties that are grilled on the BBQ. Depending on the recipe, these patties can include grated vegetables. #beef #australia

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These Sausage Rolls make a yummy and easy appetizer or meal! They are really popular in Australia and Europe. Find all our yummy pins at

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Zucchini slice is a typical Australian recipe, commonly enjoyed as a light lunch or snack. It’s super easy to prepare. What makes it unique in my opinion, is the texture. Combine the creamiest quiche with a bite of fluffy, savory corn pudding (minus the corn), and that’s what this tastes like.

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Australian Busters Recipe (One Perfect Bite) | Busters are savory biscuits or crackers that were given this unusual name because when eaten without caution they become belt busters. They are made from a cheesy dough that is very much like the dough used to make a pie.

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