Ive seen a few recipes for this dish that are not in any way authentic to the Cuban version. Being that this is my absolute favorite dish and Im a Cuban-American thats been eating this for as long as I can remember, I thought Id share my version. Heres the recipe that I and most Cuban families here in Miami use. Of course, some people have their own special igredients, but I assure you that cocoa powder, celery, and chioptle chillies are not used in the traditional Cuban recipe. To me, what…

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Jamaican Oxtail Stew. Rich and flavorful. Also excellent for a bone-in chuck roast or thick flanken ("English style") cut beef short ribs.

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This week I'm really feeling the briefness of the December daylight and the deepening of the cold temperatures. While I normally make a big effort to eat only small amounts of meat and to eat clean and light, especially at night, this dreary week I have braises and rich sauces on my mind. It seemed only right to pop out to the butcher, buy a whole oxtail, and cook it into slow submission.

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Rice and Peas Rice and Peas is a traditional authentic Jamaican dish. Rice and Peas was mostly cooked as a Sunday meal to complement your meat dish such as curry chicken, brown stew chicken, oxtail and more. The Traditional Jamaican rice and peas is cooked with white rice mixed with dry red kidney beans. However,…

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