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Big decision is abt job. I'm asking, reviewing & consulting abt it. Need to buy a car, give it a try for new job, if all good then i need to quit current job & sell my car too. Thank you for praying for me. I believe all the best will come to me as you pray for it :)


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Remote-controlled, solar-powered skylight requires no wiring, which makes for easy and cost-effective installation. The solar panel will work on cloudy days and with indirect light. It does not have to be exposed to direct sunlight to function. With the integrated rain sensor the solar powered skylight will close automatically, in case of inclement weather.


The Automatic Mini Doughnut Maker from Nostalgia Electrics is more than just a donut maker - it'...


On realisitic touch Every time a beginner asks me how to start painting portraits, I automatically direct them to learning how to draw first the skeletal system, the mucles, and the skin. Then learn how to render them realistically. In this way, you don't only learn how to render nicely, but you also get a sense of how each of our face features / body parts are related to one another and effectively translate that in your work. A bit hardcore but I believe that's how I've gotten here in the…