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How She Flew to the Moon – The Legend of Chang Er

The story and origin of the Mooncake or Mid- Autumn Festival. How She Flew to the Moon – The Legend of Chang Er

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The Moon Festival is an important harvest celebration, but as much as it’s about agriculture and moon cakes, the Mid-Autumn Festival is about reunion. It’s an evening of getting together with family for a big dinner. As night falls, families light lanterns, set up tables under the night sky, and sit there catching up on family news, eating moon cakes and admiring the enchanting full moon.

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you may see the word “reading” used in many ways: psychic reading, clairvoyant reading, spiritual reading, or intuitive reading. They all lead to the same place, tuning into the book that is you, and focusing on that book as if its the most loved best-seller of all time.

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I love the harvest moon!

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