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Auxiliary Power Unit:

Fuel saving semi trucks - Every Red Gold semi-truck is now equipped with an Auxiliary Power Unit, which is designed to reduce the amount of idle time fuel by 70%. This simple change is responsible for saving 168,000 gallons of fuel every single year. We then added a fuel management system, saving another 15,000 gallons yearly. Just because they’re big (and pretty) doesn’t mean they are wasteful.

An auxiliary power unit (APU) is a device on a vehicle that provides energy for functions other than propulsion. which is mainly used in large aircraft and naval ships.

Solar-powered auxiliary power units are one new way trucks can reduce idling, save money and conserve fuel. | Sustainable America #iturnitoff


Hucks starter - an auxiliary power unit, nearly always a lorry or truck, that was used to provide initial power to start up piston aircraft engines.