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The designs and prints offer various options to women who want to buy these tops and the range is as large as any other range for women’s tops for slim and average sizes.

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Mannequin Vs Woman…<---This is proof that women are getting judged about their weight and being basically insulted by the people who make mannequins.

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'Plus-Size'<<< I hate this! Are you aware how many models die from not eating enough so they can be a 'normal' size? I hate it.

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I really want to look sexy doing the off-shoulder thing but I don't oh well!

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I want to see real women in advertisements. I want to see diversity and bodies that have fought, conquered and embraced life. We still live in a society where seeing real images of women is shocking. We need more images of real beauty. We need these images because we are still fighting to feel good in our own skin.

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what the fuck. dont women realize curves are what make us women? god made men to be physically attracted to our body fat LOOK IT UP

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Crystal Renn. 5'9", Size 12, & stunning. "I am so sick of the BS thinspiration on pinterest--let's be honest, I will never be a size 0, and I will never have a six pack, and I don't need one! My workout inspiration is Crystal Renn--she's healthy, fit, and gorgeous and doesn't have to live off of lettuce to do it."

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For a plus sized lady, it is important that the clothes not only make her look good, but also pretty and attractive.

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Postcards From in Between: Why It's Time to Celebrate Average-Size Women

Traditionally considered a plus-size model, Myla Dalbesio had "such a great feeling" when she was cast in Calvin Klein's Perfectly Fit campaign. The Internet discussion has continued, with many industry leaders expressing their opinion on the label.