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Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.

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"Many of our people died, trying to get this information" - quote form New Hope. I realised this at the beginning of film and I wondered who will die, but I didn't suppose that ALL OF THEM will die.

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Because we love our heroes and will miss them forever <3 (Also see my other Star Wars pins on my Disney board)

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Harry Potter: J.K's Revenge

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"If Fall ends Winter is coming" Natasha and her sentimentalities

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Sherlock - Series 4 - The Lying Detective Very emotional and deep considering Sherlock is the one saying this. He knows he hurt John by the Fall. #TLD

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this is the content I expect to see on this website

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The two episodes wrecked me. I wept and wept. Now, what will the final one be like? Not too good judging by the others.

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Best homage ever.

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There isn't any wind in space, so Darth Vader was using the Force to make his cape flow for #aesthetic. {people can only dream of being this extra}

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