Dinner Party episode. Such an amazingly awkward episode that shows Jan is unbelievably even more nuts than previously thought. Jim and Pam, who didn't even want to go to start with but are tricked into it by Michael, are so uncomfortable you, as a viewer, can feel it. This is a favorite of many but to be honest, I liked it but it's not in my most favorites.

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my wisdom comes from experience, my passion comes from pain, my confidence hides my insecurities, my weakness makes me stronger, my past does not define me, my strength is an illusion, my calm makes a storm, my innocence is not ignorance #doctorwho

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I wish I voila have awkward as my life minus everything else but if someone said this to me if cry

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This is my all time favorite Friends episode. . . There's normal Chandler and then there's picture Chandler. . . So funny!!

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photoset * supernatural dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles Misha Collins Jared Padalecki that was the most awkward episode of anyt...

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