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Anger comes weeks after Israel and Facebook reportedly penned a deal to limit freedom of expression, #FBcensorsPalestine, Ayelet Shaked, Censorship, Facebook, Israel, Palesstine,

Ayelet_Shaked_Nazi_3300890b Genocide advocate Ayelet Shaked revives Peres plan for West Bank evil evil evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Zionist Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked told the Jewish National Fund in New York on Sunday that the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions ( BDS ) movement is the new face of " terrorism ".

Israeli Zionism IS Ethnic Cleansing: Israeli parliamentarian Hitler ••Ayelet Shaked•• "Angel of Death" (2014-07-01 article by Jonathan Turley • trigger int'l backlash • ironic she calls ALL Palestinian kids "snakes" when she's the ultimate biblical Eve(il) Snake! • "the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” “They have to die and their which they raised the snakes...should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists..." • FB


Top News: "ISRAEL: Ayelet Shaked Believes Government Will Survive" - - Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked believes, "The coalition will survive in its current make up and even pass the state budget despite the recent upheavals." on Politicoscope -