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Bat face! Soooooooooo cute. T- remember our fruit bat friend who was happy to see us? Love bats ever since

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Bat carers are desperately needed in North Queensland Australia, their mothers are being shot right now and the babies are starving to death.

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Baby Bats. SO TINY!!!! I know it's weird but we have a family of bats on our porch and ever since I'm starting to like em a lil

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Ok, there is nothing more adorable than a baby bat Check out more #Art & #Designs at:

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Sleepy flying fox pup ... Flying-foxes have large forward facing eyes and they share the same visionary pathways as primates. They have excellent day and night vision and they use both their sharp eyesight and their keen sense of smell to help them locate blossom and fruit. Flying-foxes also rely on those endlessly waggling ears to alert them to danger and to keep them in touch with their surroundings.

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