Teacup chihuahua by LuxPup, via Flickr

Teacup Chihuahua, I have 3 regular size chihuahuas.would love to have a teacup some day.although my furry loves are all pound puppies. Don't think these little critters wind up in the shelters.

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Teacup puppies are cute, small as well as adorable and this why most dog lovers prefer Teacup dogs as a companion animal pet. Teacups are a breed of small dogs whose main purpose is to be a lap dog.

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The Pros & Cons Of Teacup Chihuahuas

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Chihuahua is a very amazing dog. So now that you are interested in adopting or buying Chihuahua, check first the list of Chihuahua colors and markings

Teddy the 11-week-old Chihuahua was born with a birthmark in the shape of a love-heart on his back

Adorable chihuahua was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on its back

Teddy, the adorable Chihuahua was born a heart-shaped birthmark. Owner Jane Stanley said: 'Once I saw him and the little heart on his back, I knew we had to bring him home'

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Adorable Baby Chihuahua - A Place to Love Dogs

Chihuahua - Looks just like Frisky and the other puppy that my dad brought to me in his coat pocket.