When A Child’s Fever Becomes a Serious Problem - Sweet Little Nursery

Having a child is one of life’s most precious moments, and sharing that joy through baby announcements to your friends and family is just one exciting step in that journey. Today, we take a look at some awesome parents who decided to break the special news to their loved ones with humor! Share this page…

A temperature chart for babies, children and bigger kids with a fever. If your little one has a cold or cough, know when to call your doctor or is safe to stick with home remedies!

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Everything your new baby needs from the pharmacy for their medicine cabinet, a great list from a pediatrician!

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Understanding and treating Fevers in babies and children. Everything you need to know to care for your sick kid from a Nurse.

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No more waiting for water to heat up for baby's bottle! The Temp Control Water Kettle keeps water at a constant temperature all day for quick, easy bottle prep. LOVE IT!

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