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Avocado + Pear + Kiwi Puree

A whole blog devoted to baby food... when I can't think of something to make this woman is a life saver!


Apple + Spinach + Pea Puree

This green puree will soon be your little ones new must have puree. Besides being sweet, smooth and scrumptious it is filled with not 1 but 2 green veggies that provide a big heaping dose of protein, calcium, vitamin A and C, fiber and iron and served with a side of yumminess.


green bean, pear and pea Squooshi / Green Bean, Pear and Peas Squooshi 2 cups chopped green bean 1 pear 1/2 cup peas Steam green beans until tender and save the steaming water. Puree all ingredients using your wand, blender, mixer of choice using the steaming water to achieve desired consistency. This made 3 small and 2 large Squooshis.


Creative Baby Food Combinations- apricots + applesauce / mango + banana + kiwi / green beans +peas + spinach / carrots + turnips / sweet potato + parsnips + applesauce / beets + blueberries / asparagus, leek + white potato / sweet potato + blueberrie / cauliflower + carrot + tomato / zucchini + white potato