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Having babies did a number on my seems so much thinner now, but adding these scalp treatments seem to be helping a ton. Here are 6 different hair growth remedies 1. Add two drops of Grapefruit to 1 T. jojoba. Massage mixture into scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes & then wash hair. 2. Mix 2 oz shampoo with 5 drops each of Cedarwood Cypress Lavender Rosemary Use when shampooing. 3. Blend 2 drops of each oil listed in remedy #2 with 2 T. FCO. Massage into scalp, cover w


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Use Baby Oil Gel to Keep Stubble & Hair Growth at a Minimum. Help with Sensitive Skin. Will clog the razor so keep a toothbrush near by. Bonus is it makes your razor last longer. It will change your shave game. #health #beauty