Baby Wipes Container

I love wipe containers for so many things. Lego idea is great.

Don't get rid of your containers!! There are SO many ways to reuse diaper wipe containers!! Click on over for a list of over 20 ways to reuse them! Some are obvious organizational solutions, but some are also very creative!

How to make homemade wipes in an actual wipes container! This is so simple and much more gentle on your baby's skin!

Feed the Alphabet Monster: DIY from repurposed baby wipes container and bottle caps!

Reusing baby wipe containers to store art supplies-- would work for at home and in a child care center/school

DIY: Reusing Baby Wipes Containers to Store Plastic Bags. Tired of all the piles of plastic bags lying around your house? Tired of trashing your old baby wide containers? Here's a great way to keep your plastic bags organized without spending a penny!

Whether you are frugal, green, or just want the best for your kiddos, these baby wipes are amazing!!! Use as diaper wipes or for sticky hands and faces.

WANNA MAKE IT? Free pattern, step-by-step tutorial instructions... this is the actual link, no digging. Found out the hard way, it's easier with the pattern. :P

17 Clever Hacks with Baby Wipe Containers - super clever ideas for moms with lots of practical uses for kids stuff

Storage Solutions from Baby Wipe Containers. Would be great under cabinets in kitchen/bathroom or in car for trash bags!

Love this idea, 1/4 cup of vinegar 3/4 cup of water, baby wash clothes and an empty baby wipe container. Fold cloths in half, roll up add liquid and now ready to use cleaning wipes. Cubit's Organic Living » How to: Cloth cleaning wipes.

how to load an old baby wipes container with plastic grocery bags to continuously pull out a new one

Keep cards, game, and puzzle pieces in baby wipe containers. | 35 Money-Saving DIYs For Teachers On A Budget

Old baby wipes container as a snack box for a long car trip

Homemade Baby Wipes - I have been doing this for almost two years! I only buy wipes to use in the diaper bag. My "recipe" is a bit different (baby lotion, baby wash, baby oil and water) and I roll the papertowel off the roll, layering it in the container in one continuous piece. Whatever works!

I knew that I wanted to do a fun project involving the tops from baby wipes containers ever since I saw this post from I Can Teach My Child on Pinterest.  I started saving wipes lids and was inspir...

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24 Ways to Re-use Baby Wipes Containers

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Organize feminine products using emptied baby wipes containers. Men won't have to freak anymore when they see a tampon haha.

HOMEMADE Baby Shampoo/Body Wash Castile soap is a wonderful, organic soap that is made with olive oil. It’s gently, free of additives, chemicals, dyes, and fragrances, and works phenomenally on delicate baby skin & hair. Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo contains carcinogens (CAUSES CANCER) Castile Soup. For both.

Our Pinterest followers have spoken, these are the most popular new uses, each with more than 500 repins.

35+ Smart Ways to Reuse Baby Wipes Containers

3 ways to repurpose a baby wipe container (w/ free printable labels!)

DIY Stylish Baby Wipes Container ..super cute and couldn't be easier to make