Bachelor father

Bachelor Father "Bachelor Father"...Okay so this was not my yesteryear...but apparently Antenna TV started carrying this show & it is delightful. I wish people would dress a little more like the 50s & early 60s now. I am not sure what happened to wholesome TV...but I am glad at least this part came back if only at 4 AM :( "Peter Tong" is the comic relief.

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Bachelor Father - Way before Dynasty, this is where you could find John Forsythe - 1957-1962

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A lovely cat named Sally decides to have her kittens in the basement of the Gregg's family in the Bachelor Father episode "The Richest Cat" (1962).

Batchelor Father! John Forsythe as Bentley Gregg; Noreen Corcoran as Kelly Gregg; Sammee Tong as Peter Tong

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Bentley Gregg (John Forsythe) holds up a couple of the newborn kittens in the Bachelor Father episode "The Richest Cat" (1962).

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