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Natto - Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis. This food is very common for Japanese meal time, since it is really good for health. NOM NOM NOM


Beautiful Bacteria The images above are some examples of rotex fractal growth found in colonies of Bacillus subtilis. The varying branching patterns are caused by changes in the environmental conditions of the bacteria as they grow. via: fuckyeahmolecularbiology

Confocal microscopy of a bacterial biofilm composed of Bacillus subtilis expressing fluorescent proteins (TagRFP-T, sfGFP, TagBFP, mKate2 and mOrange2) to identify distinct lineages of bacteria in the biofilm. Images were taken at the Haseloff lab within the Department of Plant Sciences. (Cell)


Awesome Psychedelic Bacteria: fluorescent Bacillus subtilis by Fernan Federici Pattern formation with fluorescent bacteria (TagBFP, mKate2 and sfGFP).


Eshel Ben Jacob, Colonies of billions of Bacillus subtilis bacteria exhibit the complex structures that sometimes form under environmental stress.