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If you don't like me and you aren't a friend of mine why do u make it a point to watch what I pin?? Back off and get a life of your own lazy ass

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Hahaha. This kinda just made my day..... Next time someone irks my nerves they might just get this.

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"I was helping my drunk husband to get to bed when he suddenly said: "Back off lady, I have a wife." I love him so much"

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This is great, but there should be more posters in the mens room that says "Don't rape! If your date is showing these signs, it's a good idea to back off."

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No one is ever too busy to send a text or reply, never again. You dont reply i will back off big time.

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Slowly but surely. This year many changes and im scared but i hope everything will pay off

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How good is my English, uh???....but I admit I didn't understand all the conversations while packing yesterday....

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Don't underestimate me because I'm quiet. I know more than I say. I think more than I speak. And I observe more than you know.

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