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Isn't it funny that a domestic housewife tool is what puts her to sleep? Sounds like a lot of women now, too.

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My Life as a Background Slytherin. Check them out!

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Obama's pen and phone are far more dangerous than any gun.

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Family Mission Statement Print - Customizable 8x10 Print in Many Colors, Subway, Family Rules, Mission Statement, Monogram, 11x14, 16x20

FAMILY - Customizable printable - i like how you can have your last name initial in the backround

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Be shut up with a kiss.

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Can't blame a girl for trying - by my girl Sabrina Carpenter! @Sabrina Carpenter

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The Star Spangled Banner - #USA National Anthem. #DYK? There are more words to the poem authored by Francis Scott Key than are in our National Anthem? Check it out! #History

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She was there THE WHOLE TIME! | Its ok, I love you ...uhm...can I at least have a name?! BRONIES begin naming!

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A moment of silence for all the children who died for America's right to carry guns. ~ Please. Enough.

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polkadotdweeb: “ A long day’s hard work (actually photographed after a long day at con-) Even heroes have to rest~ Check out the Instagram’s below for more content! Ladybug: PolkaDotDweeb Chat Noir: Casplayer Photographer: Fledglingrenn ”

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