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Be like bacon. Be delicious. Be smart. Be like bacon.

This is bacon. Bacon is delicious and it knows it. Bacon doesn't need anyone to tell it how delicious it is. Bacon is smart. Be like bacon.

Despite alarming headlines, and people taking advantage of any excuse to share bacon pictures, there’s no reason to panic.

Bacon Shortage? Calm Down. It’s Fake News.

Calm Down. It’s Fake News. - The New York Times - Bacon Shortage? Calm Down. It’s Fake News.

you can't buy happiness bacon - Google Search

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy bacon, and that makes me happy!

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23 Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron (with pictures & recipes)

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i died of a coronary just gazing upon this majestic sight

In fact, not being able to eat bacon is enough for most people to question why you do this diet at all.

BACONALIA – WE’RE DOOMED « The Burning Platform

Bacon Vans, because who doesn't like to wear raw meat shoes?

Bacon #bacon #foodporn

“Roses are red, bacon is also red. Poems are hard. that's a man poem.