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Bacteria cells

You may think that these were small pieces of art...nope just bacteria in petri dishes.

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Nerve cells. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of nerve cells, known as neurones. Nerve cells occur in the brain, spinal cord, and in ganglia. Each nerve cell has a large cell body (brown) with several long processes extending from it. The processes usually consist of one thicker axon and several thinner branched dendrites. The dendrites collect information in the form of nerve impulses from other nerve cells and pass it to the cell body.

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Dentro de las bacterias celular póster de anatomía

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Nature Magnified - dicot root cross section - microscopic plant cells; beauty in nature; delicate patterns & natural colour source for design

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Petri dishes with crocheted mould colonies by Elinart.

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Natural Dye Cut Work | Katie Vota this would be interesting when looking at the theme of cells or bacteria instead of recreating the postive space of the image and adding detail using the negative space to create a piece.

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