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+/ Cormac McCarthy This is one of my favorite quotes, not just from No Country for Old Men, but of all time.


Well frankie , Andrew they all seem to of had some kinda bad episode with you by the look of there status and I know you would walk away before giving CPR THATS WHAT YOU DO !!! try your luck with Connor or the swanhill drugs you through us away after 4 months for no reason not sure which one it was that you were seeing in that time ,explained why your phone was hidden every time I was there ,stop fucking with people's heads

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Thirteen inspirational Dr. Seuss quotes…

dr seuss lessons in life | love Dr Seuss, I grew up with his book and still remember Boa ...

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Grin and Bear it… Or is it Bare it?

Wake up one day and find out the person you thought you knew is not all that she cracks up to be. Too many dirty lil secrets. Nothing is a surprise anymore! Good luck finding out! : )

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20 Inspirational Quotes to Brighten Your Day

20 Inspirational Quotes to Brighten Your Day -


I drank from the cup of a narcissist for over a decade truly believing I was worthless. I'm not weak. I'm not a sheep. I love. Even when it's bad. If I can break can you. by angelas__world


I complety believe that our paths were destined to cross. And i was destined to feel for you what i do. Only the outcome is up in the air you are either ment to be my happily ever after or the one ment to destroy my desire to ever be with anyone. God is all caring and loving but he is also an asshole sometimes. Ive been put on this earth for a purpose and to do a job. I just really hope God put you here for my happily ever after