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Why do people compare bad men and skank women to dogs? Dogs are loyal, faithful, and love you to the bitter end. Call'em cats, those fuckers roam around, run off, come home pregnant by someone they just met and will turn on you in a heartbeat.


"But he keeps calling" she said. You think the devil is going to let you walk out of hell without a fight? Bad men want love too. It's your job as a woman not to confuse desire with what you deserve. It's not a question of whether or not he loves you, it's how much bullshit that comes with the "I love you." How much bullshit you're going to put up with. Remember, he can be sorry from anywhere. It's your choice of whether it's in your bed, or the curb.


It's only basic bitches that try to forcefully keep a spot in a mans life.... Bad Bitches on the other hand,well the quote says it all!✌


I read this quote recently and it has radically changed my daily life. I will admit that I do the latter far too often...