Lobster tails are one of my favorite meals to make at home on special occasions. While lobster tails can be made a variety of ways, such as steamed, cooking them in the oven is quick, easy and absolutely delicious. http://www.ehow.com/how_4779451_cook-lobster-tails-oven.html?utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=freestyle&utm_campaign=fanpage

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Baking lobster tails is easy and a great option if you’re not in the mood to grill, & this is the best way to keep the moisture of lobster tails. Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Use a chef knife & cut tails in half, length -wise. Lay lobster tails, shell down, on a long piece foil. Drizzle melted butter over the tails. Sea salt & pepper to taste. Squeeze lemon juice over tails. Cover tails w/another piece of foil & seal. Place in oven for 20 mins. VOILÁ, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth lobster!

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Caribbean Baked Lobster Tails - Recipe for Baked Lobster Tails | Caribbean Recipes | Caribbean Food Recipes

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