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Improvised home remedies can clean up your  Tongue permanently & can cure all types of tongue problems like Geographic Tongue, Tongue Fissures/Cracks, Bald Patches, Thrush, and Other Tongue Pro...


Grow New Hair Treatment, Revives sleeping follicles and promote healthy hair growth

All I can say is thank you! I was in an accident almost 6 months ago and was told a patch on my head would never grow hair. I was mortified that I would have a bald patch. After two months of using this grow new hair treatment I have tiny hair growing where doctors said I never would! I can’t wait for my next appointment so I can have them add this product for other patients. I wish I would have known about this product sooner so I could have started the hair growth earlier.


Hoia Baciu Forest, located in Romania, is one of the most haunted places on earth. They call it a gateway or portal for spirits and extraterrestrials to enter this world. Sightings such as ufo's, spirits and orbs are captured and sighted in the forest. Many residence say that the bald patch is caused by a ufo that landed there many years ago leaving radiation causing no vegetation. Shows such as Ghost Adventures and Destination Truth have also introduced this forest to viewers.


Cabbage Patch Doll 1980s Vintage Bald Preemie

1980S Cabbage Patch Dolls | Cabbage Patch Doll 1980s Vintage Bald Preemie by ManateesToyBox


Everyone desires to have long and healthy tresses. If you experience this problem, you should start making a right move. If not, you might be suffering from baldness. Solving this is not as easy as you think. This is often observed if you are aware with its exact steps and treatment procedures.

Ravelry: Cabbage Patch Inspired Hat pattern by Amanda Lillie < This is the designer of the hat that appeared on the Today Show.


Fur stole

Fur stole Genuine fur stole. Arm loops sewn in to insure a secure fit and lovely little pockets! No bald patches in the fur. Small hole inside of left pocket. Accessories Scarves & Wraps