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I used to grand jete in stores alllllll the time! Omg. So true. Especially the long isles that go far back into the store. Lol. So fun!

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I think I speak for all dancers when I say this to the 90%: Yeah everyone did, IDC

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So true. Lai Rupe's Choreography offers the best technical and competitive dance routines at the lowest prices. Hire her today!

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And everybody's like: but aren't you a dancer? And I have to try to explain the difference between "dancing" and DANCING

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I hate it when people think the steoreotypical ballerina is about pink tutus and tights!!! It's more than that people, alot more.

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Dancers life. - REPEAT!!!! PRACTICE!!!......Mid East Oriental Belly Dance technique,style,grace,rhythm. New from NYC- floor barre, veil,turkish steps,zills, floor work.The Dancing Spirit Studio Open House & Registration.Sept 13,11:00 - 5:00 Adults,Teens,Kids 5 - 12.Semester Sept 15 - Dec 15. http://www.thedancingspirit...Pinterest

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Haha for reals! The first one is what I think I look like, the second is what I actually look like when I look in the mirror.....sad day.....

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