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BEST PAPER MACHE SITE EVER: PINATA BOY.It’s messy! I lay down a cheap plastic tablecloth first, and always have a couple sheets of moist paper towel on hand. There are many different recipes for papier mâché. Some boil the flour and water mixture, some use white glue instead of flour, and some even use laundry starch. I just mix flour and... Read more »

from Dukes and Duchesses

Filled Balloon Party Favors

these balloon party favors are filled with goodies ... partygoers will pop the balloons to get the treats!

from The Gunny Sack

Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin Balloon Pinata


One at a time, each guest at the party stood about 5 feet in front of the board and threw a dart at the balloons, trying to pop one. The balloon would pop, and the candy would explode, and the child got to run and grab all the candy from their balloon. The kids loved it, and even the littlest guys who were 4 and 5 years old could pop a balloon pretty easily.