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East German born artist Mel Fischer knows how to harness every bit of charm out of the ubiquitous pens, creating realistic illustrations full of fur and feathers. Her works feature both animals and humans, the latter being adorned with stylish, feathery headwear.

from PenAndPad

Faber-Castell - n'ice - Ballpoint Pen

Faber-Castell n'ice ballpoint pen anthracite - Twist Ballpoint pen in futuristic design Ergodynamic form. Chrome- plated barrel, available in the colors anthracite, white, lime, plum coral and turquoise. Flexible Clip secures the pen safely to an agenda or diary Smooth- running black large-capacity refill.

from 123 Inspiration

Incredible Photorealistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Enam Bosokah

blue-pen-portraits- Artist Enam Bosokah from Ghana, uses a blue ballpoint pen to create impressive portraits and drawings


When discussing truth, we often associate the truth about ourselves, which is often unknown. We gather truth through our senses, such as sight. A man of 70 may feel as young as he did 40 years ago, mentally, but his reflection reminds him of just how old he is. This image gives the impression of someone looking down at their hands, wrinkled and withered, they are reminded of their age and the life they've lead, reminded by the truth, despite how they feel inside.