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Show me the person that doesn't love Balthazar. I'll hate this person more than I hate Moffat's wish to kill great people.

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Supernatural Imagines #Balthazar #Supernatural #Imagines

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my gifs mine supernatural my stuff castiel Misha Collins spn Gabriel Balthazar Lucifer richard speight jr Sebastian Roché follow for follow chuck Mark Pellegrino rob benedict Tahmoh Penikett following back gadreel

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This is Balthazar • Pretends to be a dick • But is the most loyal of them all • Siriusly, when shit is pouring you want hi...

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Vid of Sebastian at AHBL IV and a beautiful photo of him with wings

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Balthazar petting a pineapple. I think, at this point, it is a universally accepted fact that the Supernatural fandom has a gif for lite-fucking-rally everything.

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You know pointing out things that Balthazar (the angel) does when it seems they have freedom, only makes me think that for millennia the angels have watched and possibly even began to yearn for what the humans had. Even if it was a fall from paradise, the angels [some of them] were slowly getting tired of being robotic, unfeeling machines. There are some angels that come to mind, 1 CAS 2 Balthazar 3 I hate to say it, but Anna 4 Samandriel (Alfie) 5 Gabriel 6 Even Lucifer in his twisted…

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Would it be bad if I put this in my English report about the titanic???? I was on tumblr and thinking how I need to finish my report and BOOM!!!!! Supernatural gif for everything.

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[SET OF GIFS] "The one in the dirty trenchcoat who's in love with you." 100% accurate description of Cas. 6x17 My Heart Will Go On.

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I love Balthazar. He's just the best. And this was pretty much my experience with the Supernatural fandom. You glorious bastards.

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This is a necessary addition to your board, I don't care if it's about puppies or chocolate desserts, this needs to be on there

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I miss Sebastian as Balthazar. And I don't think anyone really needs a cultural excuse to want to kiss Misha.

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