band problem: people who feel they need to play 10 more measures after the conductor cuts them off #Band #Relatable

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The worst is when your seat is at the far end of a long row and the stupid marimba AND drumset are right next to your seat and you almost kill the saxophones while trying to get to the top of the trumpet section....

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Some people in my band class not going to name names but if I was it would start with jas and end with min

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One time our director kept doing this right before my friend's drum solo, she's in percussion. And on like the 5th time the trumpet player messed up and we had to stop she jumped up and spiked her drum sticks off the ground and yelled "You had one job. One job!!" and stormed out. I thought everone was gonna die laughing.

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Worse is when having those songs stuck in your head translates to muscle memory taking over and air flagging as you're falling asleep. It's like that trip/fall jolt you sometimes get except your arms do a flourish as you kick your leg out

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Plus busting your lip and chipping your favorite reed! Why do bad things happen to good people? WHY!? I loved that reed! Now I have to use the ehhh ones! :'(

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