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Make Your Own Super Versatile Bandana Quilt!

DIY Bandana Quilt by onegoodthingbyjillee: It's a Picnic Blanket…It's a Tablecloth…It's whatever you dream it to be! #DIY #Quilt #Bandana

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finished bandanna bag.....easy for kids to do and with all the choices of bandanas out there, these would make cute overnight totes for teens too!!!

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Bandana picnic blanket! This is a cute idea--we have a ton of bandanas hanging around our house that never get used any more!

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really effective use of just two colours, and I'm thinking that the fabric comes as squares

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How to Make a Bandana Blanket

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bandana blanket - The lace makes this awesome!!!--Not sure it's our style but it is soooo cute. Maybe I can find a way to use this idea...

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How to Make a Bandana Blanket

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Picnic Blanket Red White Blue Bandana Rag Quilt

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Made this quilt for Cassie's bed. 20 bandanas from Wal-Mart $1 each. Queen size flat sheed from K-Mart clearance $12. Queen batting from JoAnn's $17. Happiness from my teen.....priceless.

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Make Your Own Super Versatile Bandana Quilt!

This DIY Bandana Quilt would make a great PicNic tablecloth, not to mintion other outside uses. I think I'd go for the Red, White and Blue look though.

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Bandana Blanket Scarf

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