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Bank of Montreal by rbellemare - Located on the parade ground in front of the Basilica Notre-Dame on the "Place d'armes", the first headquarters of the Bank of Montreal was built between 1845 & 1847.


File:WTMTL T31 IMG 0100.JPGA single-storey stone warehouse located in an attractive park-like setting on the banks of the Lachine Canal; originally built by the North West Company, the warehouse symbolizes the history of the fur trade in Montreal


The Sicilian Cosa Nostra and the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta have for decades fought each other for control of the Montreal underworld. The proximity of the Port of Montreal to the U.S. and Canada's secretive banking system, make it a haven for organized crime. Follow my 'Ndrangheta board.


The Grand Notre Dame of Montreal, Canada. Photo: Ireena Eleonora Worthy, via Flickr


10 best places to explore the underworld

La Ville Souterraine Montreal, Canada Shop, sleep, learn, eat, even bank—all underground. Montreal's Underground City (known also as La Ville Souterraine or RESO) is among the world's largest underground complexes. Twenty miles of tunnels beneath downtown Montreal are lined with shopping malls, hotels, museums, university buildings, metro and train stations, and even a hockey arena.