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Bank Statement

from BuzzFeed

What A $100 Million Bank Account Balance Looks Like

I guess when you have $100 Million in the bank the $2.75 ATM fee doesn't matter. Please visit for more joy

from Veterans United Network

What Financial Records You Need to Keep - Veterans United

Bills, bank statements and paperwork have a way of piling up over time. Here's what you should keep and what is safe to pitch!


YouTube. Must watch here it is her foundation bank statement. Now is she equal to us middle class Americans the banks give her money and take from us.


Well, looky yonder! Kazoo Khan is on the Clinton payroll. Check this bank statement showing $375,000 deposited to the Khan Law account from the Clinton Foundation


And be careful because this bill doesn't show up on your bank statements like your other expenses but it robs you more than you realize. Fear has robbed many of us from happiness money and peace of mind. The other thing about fear is that it's an unnecessary expense. Some people pinch pennies just to save a few dollars but that same person's fear is robbing them of massive amounts of dollars that they are too afraid to make. Don't pay attention to what is here now pay attention to what you…