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Archeological sites of Israel (Nazareth). An entrance into an excavated cave used by Bar Kokhba's rebels. Bar Kokhba revolt was part of the Jewish-Roman wars


JUDAEAN BRONZE DENOMINATION OF THE BAR KOKHBA REVOLT, AD 132-135 Obverse: "Jerusalem" in Hebrew, palm tree.Reverse: "For the freedom of Jerusalem" in Hebrew, grape bunch on vine.


Coins from period of Bar Kokhba revolt, (Roman period) Coin from Jewish Bar Kokhba revolution. Written in Paleo-Hebrew alphabet also known as Ktav Ivri. Obverse: trumpets surrounded by "To the freedom of Jerusalem". Reverse: A lyre surrounded by "Year two to the freedom of Israel"


The Jewish sage Rabbi Akiva (alternatively Akiba) indulged the possibility that Simon Bar Kosiba (Bar Kokhba) could be the Jewish messiah, and gave him the surname "Bar Kokhba" meaning "Son of a Star" in the Aramaic language, from the Star Prophecy verse from Numbers 24:17: "There shall come a star out of Jacob".Simon Bar Kokhba took the title Nasi Israel and ruled over a ministate that was virtually independent for two and a half years. The era of the redemption of Israel was announced…